About Us

AFRICA'S rich heritage offers us the opportunity to be endlessly creative. Drawing inspiration from that, TJSGH took on the challenge to be a part of Africa's new voice. A voice that believes Africa has the potential to be so much more than it is.

We're committed to raising the bar on what African products should be known for. Our products are meant to inspire and invoke a sense of pride of being African, with designs, philosophies and concepts drawn from our rich heritage.

We continuously build and curate a team of passionate artisans who have studied and mastered their craft in the motherland. We offer you the best in craftsmanship and contemporary designs with our products, while not losing our African identity.

We do not simply consider ourselves a company but a movement driven to create products which pay homage to an African heritage that places a high value on artistry, symbolism and craftsmanship.

Fueled by love and passion we do this for the culture by providing a service our clients can always trust to give them the best!