The Colors and Meanings of the Made In Africa Bracelet

The MadeInAfrica bracelet stays true to its African roots. Each bead and element is strung together with meaning and is symbolic.

Each colored Agate represents an existing character of the wearer or the desired character the wearer seeks to attract.


•Expertise •Sophistication •Strength •Elegance •Formality •Power •Mysterious •Legendary

Made In Africa Black Bracelets


For those who have "been through hell" and survived; Through difficult situations, they gave their all and even if they didn't have expected results, they posses priceless experience.

This experience gives them a Midas touch in subsequent projects.

Their methods and principles are not based on rhetoric but are tried and tested. Sometimes they come off as a bit twisted.

They are wells of knowledge and wisdom. Buy Here


•Love •Loyalty •Imagination •Inspiration •Creativity •Faith •Trust •Height •Depth •Nobility •Corporate

BLUE is for those who stay true. They are creative and respect the process.

They explore a subject to its deepest depths and seek to achieve mastery in what they are passionate about.

Continuous learners, their ability to stick to a project or subject is fueled by love. Buy Here

•Prosperity •Growth •Freshness •Fertility •Harmony •Ambition

Made In Africa Bracelets Blue

The wearers of the GREEN MadeInAfrica bead bracelet are characterized by performing enviable feats. They believe in constant progress and growth.

They go through the process and their achievements seem almost effortless but have taken sacrifice, self-denial and loads of optimism in the face of resistance.

Throw dirt at them and they will use it as manure to grow the most enviable flowers. Buy Here


•Power •Chiefly •Courage •Action •Bravery •Life •Passion •Confidence

The wearers of the RED MadeInAfrica bead bracelet are full of energy and thrive on action.

They are people of the limelight who are fueled by passion to make it to heights that afford it.

They meet and conquer setbacks by still moving forward in the direction of their aspirations. Buy Here


The purple MadeInAfrica bracelet reminds us we all have a sphere of influence. 

African royalty connotes the spirit of leadership. Custodians of culture and an institution that can be wholly trusted of having the welfare of those under its influence at heart. 

Everyone is said to be related to the royalty, thereby making everyone a Royal. 

We are reminded to use this knowledge and influence for the betterment of our communities. Buy Here


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