Made In Africa

We get asked what the Made In Africa brand is about. To put it simply, at the heart of this brand is the powerful concept of resilience, which encourages us to be proactive in the face of challenges. The mindset of being innovative and forging ahead despite the obstacles builds priceless character.

The Made In Africa brand drew inspiration from the creative scene in Ghana, where creatives summon their creative genius despite facing challenges such as erratic power outages, material shortages, and a system that doesn't support small businesses. Every waking day, these individuals are faced with justifiable reasons to give up but they exemplify the spirit of resilience as they pursue their passions and showcase Africa's immense talent and potential.

The Jewelry Shop Ghana was born out of the Made In Africa philosophy and we embody it fully. As a tribute to this mindset, we created the Made In Africa bracelet. This physical token serves as a reminder to embrace resilience, symbolizing the indomitable spirit that drives us forward. Each bracelet pays homage to a cultural heritage that places a high value on artistry, symbolism and craftsmanship.

Our interactions, connections with people of African descent from the diaspora, exploration of African arts, culture,history and pan-African thought leaders especially have reinforced our belief that resilience is an intrinsic part of our African identity. It is woven into our very DNA and our shared history. The Made In Africa brand has evolved into a movement, celebrating our shared heritage and embracing the potential for excellence, innovation, empowerment, and an African identity as envisioned by visionaries like Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah.

Join us at The Jewelry Shop Ghana as we celebrate the Made In Africa movement. Through our jewelry and other products, we honor the resilience that is inherent in our African identity. Together, let us create a future where the Made In Africa label represents not just exceptional craftsmanship, but a celebration of our heritage, unity, and empowerment. Embrace resilience, embrace Africa.

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